Hello and welcome to BellumEnt. We are now under new management. The owner of this website can be contacted is: adam.lee@bellument.com, any email correspondence and contacts you may have had in the past will no longer be received as the email addresses are no longer active and no longer have any part or affiliation with BellumEnt. We are working on topics, topics that are very important to us all as people.

About Adam,

So Adam is the owner and main writer at BellumEnt. Also managing social media accounts within the small company. My email address is hyperlinked above so you can click and email me instantly with any questions and/or ideas you may have for the website. Maybe you have an article to share? You can also email me that. I am 19 years old. I am very passionate about mental health. I love raising awareness and helping others. I enjoy listening to music and managing social media accounts. I also am studying ICT at college also while working on this website. I hope you enjoy reading the upcoming posts written by me! Adam Lee.

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