New chapter in my life!

Written by: Adam Lee

Where do I start? So many changes have happened in the last few months. So many emotions, so many goodbyes and so many new Hello’s and so many new faces! I can say I am enjoying my new chapter in my life. I am feeling good starting at college. Moving from a specialist school to a specialist college is a big step in my life. Things are done very differently. I am making friends and learning all sorts of new things. I am also thinking of learning British Sign Language as the college I am at has some deaf students and staff, and apart from that, it seems like a nice thing to learn and to be able to communicate in a different way, well a different language. Something to focus on. I am sad about all the people I have left behind. It’s a big thing when you get to know so many people and spend time in their company and then you leave to a totally new place. Change can always be scary, it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. I was really nervous starting at college but I am glad I made it through the first week. The message I am trying to put across is, life is always on the move, always changing, big or small, nothing ever stays the same. Its how we feel about it is what is important. Always take time to think about what is best for you and make sure you within yourself as a person are happy. Need a chat? Message/Tweet Adam (myself) on Twitter and I will try to be there for you if you need it! Click this link to go to my Twitter page!

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