How it did all start?

Written by: Adam Lee.

How did all start? Where did everything start to go wrong? To be honest I do not know… I was around 9 years old and I was admitted to TIER 3 community mental health services. TIER 3 is based in the community. I was displaying extremely risky behaviours. When I was 10 I was on the roof of my house, I was just stood up there confused and scared of what was going on with me because at that age I had no clue why my mind was so exhausting and worrying to live with. I was taken to A&E and admitted to a open mental health hospital. I was discharged 2 weeks later as I was to difficult to manage. I used to physically violent, and self injurious. I was admitted a another 4 times to that open hospital and the 4th time I was there for about 1 day. In the morning I remember an ambulance team walking through the ward doors. They came in and told me I was being transferred to a secure mental health hospital. I was crying and panicking. I became confrontational and they restrained me and took me to the ambulance and I arrived threw the gates and was taken into the hospital. It was hell there.

I am going to leave that there for today. I don’t want to write the whole blog in one post. I want to say I have been doing so well the last 5 years and I never thought that would happen. Stay positive people because it will get better in time with the right support. – Adam Lee.

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